By Emmanuel Pons, writer, visual artist

Why does Serge Delaune tortures mass books? Why does he attack a Bible or a missal? This is the wrong way to question his work whose artistic evolution shows well that he does not respect either Mao or Jesus. What inspires him is the "objet-book".

Other artists work to create traditional "artists books" with texts and drawings, creatives mind collect, seal, write books while Serge Delaune simply tortures them! Using nails, shattered glass, bronze, he gives them a new, authentic beauty, free from superficial opportunity: the kind of beauty described by Kandinsky as the one "touching the soul". No lines, no painting, no engraving or collage - at most some reaping of paper - not even a signature... except from the last memobooks, a red-wax seal on the cover : "I".

Did he do it in purpose? For this seal is only stamped on the golden memo books, pierced with seven nails, his series of Seven Deadly Sins, is it a sign of him, unconsciously confessing his humanity? Would he admit through the matter, to be a part of what we all are? The artist claims this signature as his real "me", as if it were more important, more real for him to sign "I" than "Serge Delaune".

Is he hiding behind what he really is? Showing does not necessarily equals being really seen. Seeing through somebody is no easy task, it needs to spear, to drill through the armor and that is what Serge Delaune achieves today: he spears the books and forces us to look at them in a different way? And finally, we see them.