Invited to the Sottevile-les-Rouen
library by the Frac Haute-Normandie

The regional fund of contemporary art from Normandie owns many "artist's books"  wether painters, engravers, sculptors or photographers. After Etienne Yver in 2007 and Bertrand Dorny in 2008, the Frac Haute-Normandie has exhibited the work of Serge Delaune at the municipal library of Sotteville-les-Rouen during the winter 2010/2001, they presented it with those words...

"The relationship between Serge Delaune and the book is not new: the Frac Haute-Normandie paid attention to it and bought three works from his serie "Memolivre" for it’s collection. This relationship is really important to his researches, so our wish was to highlight it by exhibiting it in the largest scale possible, in the library’s temporary exhibition space."

Serge Delaune considers the notion of the "artist’s book" as an encounter between text, image, form and the essence of book, a physical metamorphosis or a mental re-creation of the "book-object". This is why he uses the term "Memobook" to represent his visual ideas about langage and calligraphy or image but also this notion of "memorial" footprints of knowledge and philosophy present in the book.

Tribal-book, closed-book, hung-book, manipulated pages torned or cut, confrontations of material, of reflection and glass transparency make the "Memobook" create ties between time and collective memory. Through this renewed relationship around the book, the artist goes from being a reader to inventing sequels and new stories, passing the memory through and creating experiences.